Les Eyzies

Camping near Les Eyzies, Dordogne

An ideal place to stay for prehistoric enthusiasts, Le Temps de Vivre campsite is located about 30 km from Eyzies-de-Tayac, a town considered as the world capital of prehistory. The city of Eyzies is indeed known for the record number of archaeological sites it has on its territory and in the immediate vicinity: ornate caves, but also shelters and deposits still today invested by research in paleontology. From the campsite, between 35 and 40 minutes drive are enough to reach this must-see destination in the Périgord Noir and its many sites.

Rent mobile home 35 minutes from prehistoric sites

Renting a comfortable mobile home at Le Temps de vivre allows you to easily reach the famous caves of Combarelles and Fond-de-Gaume on the Eyzies territory. You can easily return several days in succession to also visit the shelters of Cap Blanc and Fish, or the deposits of Moustier and Laugerie-Haute. Unmissable, the National Museum of Prehistory is in the heart of Eyzies-de-Tayac, in an exceptional setting on the cliff. Through one of the most important collections in France, it traces the 400,000 years of human history.

Les Eyzies

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    Les Eysies

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