La grotte de Lascaux

Camping near the caves of Lascaux

At Camping Le Temps de Vivre, you will be just 25 minutes from the Lascaux Caves, world famous for their beautiful cave paintings. If the original cave has been closed to the public since 1963 for its preservation, the facsimile Lascaux II reproduces the same large part of authentic parietal works.
A traveling reproduction called Lascaux III also exists. Since 2016, you can visit on the site the international center of parietal art Lascaux IV.
To get there from the campsite, only 22 km are to go, following the D61 from Salignac then the D704 from Saint-Geniès.

Rent mobile home 20km from the caves of Lascaux

Stay in the best comfort just minutes from the caves of Lascaux by renting a mobile home at camping Le Temps de vivre! In addition to the Lascaux II cave, the Lascaux IV site invites you to browse 8000 m2 of interactive museum.
You will discover reproductions of all the works, augmented reality effects, multidimensional exhibitions and 3D animations.
The proximity of Montignac-Lascaux will allow you to come back to enjoy also the visit of the Thot (Cro-Magnon area), its animal park, its museum and its workshops for children.

Places to see

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