Visit of La Roque Gageac in Dordogne

Classified as "one of the most beautiful villages in France", La Roque-Gageac is located on the north bank of the Dordogne River.

Where is La Roque-Gageac ?

The town of Roque-Gageac is built between Dordogne and cliff, classified among the "Most Beautiful Villages of France". It is located in a landscape of character and contrasts unique to the Périgord Noir. Pearl of Sarladais, the village of La Roque-Gageac is located less than 30 km from Le Temps de vivre campground. Passing through Sarlat, it will take you a few minutes by car to get there. Located on the historical route of the barges, the village can also be discovered from the water. You can thus enjoy a boat ride to see the troglodytic dwellings above the Périgord Lauze roof houses.

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On the edge of the Dordogne, only 27 km away, the site of Roque-Gageac is exceptional. The luminosity reflected by the cliff, unique, is also conducive to a microclimate. You will discover an incredible exotic garden with banana trees, citrus trees, palm trees and bougainvillea. Along with a guided tour of the village, the site's must-do activity is a trip on the Dordogne River in a traditional barge. Come and explore this haven of life with many hiking trails nearby.

Vacation rental in a campsite in la Roque-Gageac

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The history of La Roque-Gageac

Occupied in prehistoric times, the troglodytic dwellings anchored high in the cliff were fortified in the Middle Ages for their defense during war. The village also underwent a transformation with the construction of both modest cottages and elaborate residences owned by the gentry.

Two of La Roque Gageac's monuments really stand out, although most of the properties are in good condition today. The first is the Manoir de la Tarde with its circular tower and mullioned windows, the second is the Château de la Malartrie, a 19th-century Renaissance imitation that sits on the far left of the village.
Since the 1970s, the small church stands mid-cliff in an exotic garden of palm trees, cacti, bamboo, banana and fig trees that flourish thanks to the village's southerly position, sheltered from the northern winds.

From there, visitors can admire the superb panorama of the river, which is most often dotted with swimmers, canoes or jigs.

What to do in La Roque-Gageac

La Roque-Gageac is a picturesque village that is located between the Dordogne River and towering limestone cliffs about 10 km from Sarlat, in the Dordogne. The village is designated as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France and is simply a delight. Barges, reminiscent of the old trading barges that once plied the river, pass by. While paved paths wind between yellow stone houses nestled under the cliff.

In a century-old town where little seems to have changed since the Middle Ages, stroll through the picturesque houses. Located at the foot of an imposing limestone cliff along the banks of the Dordogne River, la Roque-Gageac offers visitors a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, a troglodytic fort, and a Romanesque church that overlooks the valley. It is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic in southwest France. Almost all of its routes lead passers-by to a magnificent view of the river.

Historic sites in La Roque include the Manoir de Tarde, home of the famous Jean Tarde, the beautiful Romanesque church overlooking the valley, and the nearby Château de la Malartrie. La Roque-Gageac also has a subtropical garden filled with bananas, lemons, and palm trees.

Discover La Roque-Gageac by water

The crème de la crème of any getaway to La Roque-Gageac is to take a gabarre ride. Once a bustling river port, the village was one of the most important trading points in the Dordogne Valley where flat-bottomed boats were used to transport goods such as wood, wine or salt to other parts of France.

Today, tourists can board replicas for an hour-long cruise at various locations along the river. La Roque-Gageac is an excellent starting point, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of the beautiful subtropical water village. As well as passing skyscraper attractions such as the Château de Castelnaud, the Château de Beynac and Gardens de Marqueyssac. Each boat has a French guide explaining the history of the Dordogne river trade and the beautiful sites (free English audio guides are provided). It is advisable to book tickets in advance during high season.

If you plan to visit Roque-Gageac, try to arrive in the late afternoon when the crowds have died down and a few parking spaces have been vacated. The honey-colored walls glistening in the early evening sun will be the reward for having to wait all day.

What to visit at La Roque-Gageac

  • Manoir de Tarde: This large Renaissance manor house was built for the Tarde family, including Jean Tarde (1562-1636), who was a historian, as well as a cartographer, mathematician, astronomer, theologian, philosopher and friend of Galileo.
  • Romanesque Church: Halfway up the cliff is the lovely Romanesque church, the view of the valleys and along the river from the church courtyard is magnificent.
  • Subtropical Garden: Planted in the 1970s, the exotic gardens are next to the church, halfway up the cliff, and are home to lush subtropical and Mediterranean plants, including lemon trees, banana trees, and many species of palm trees. These plants are thought to do well here because of a unique microclimate produced by the protection of the cliff and little wind.
  • Château de la Malartrie: The site of La Malartrie dates back to the 12th century when it was a leper hospital. The building has since been transformed several times.

In the late 19th century, the Count of Saint-Aulaire, French ambassador to the United Kingdom and a member of the Franco-American Society of Cincinnati, an institution dedicated to promoting friendship between the French and American people, transformed the castle and it stands today in its Renaissance style.

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