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Erected on its rocky outcrop, Commarque Castle Eyzies-de-Tayac is one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses of Périgord. The free or guided tours will lead you to the discovery of a coseigneury with complex architectural structure and history, troglodyte dwellings and a prehistoric cave carved. Many workshops are organized for the children: archery, parietal layout, stone carving, medieval calligraphy, or medieval geometry. Your visit will be punctuated by the discovery of wooden games of yesteryear. A great treasure hunt is also proposed, to explore the site in a fun way with family.

Take a walk on the famous medieval fortress in the Dordogne

Medieval fortress of the region, Commarque Castle lends its silhouette to many postcards. The wealth of the site is multiple: if the architecture of defense of the fortress does not cease to interest the medievalists, its decorated cave is also always a high place of the research in paleontology. The continuity between the prehistoric and historical occupation of places is here palpable. In its green setting, the castle of Commarque is a timeless site, which offers many surprises just 25 km from your campsite Le Temps de vivre.

Le Château de Commarque

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    Le château de Commarque

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