Le Château de Losse

History of Losse Castle

5 km from Montignac-Lascaux, about 30 minutes from the campsite Le Temps de vivre, Losse Castle and its gardens are some of the must-see places to visit in the Périgord Noir. Steep above the course of the Vézère, the fortress encloses a Renaissance castle with beautiful period decor. The castle park holds the label of “Remarkable Gardens”. The site shows both an extraordinarily well-preserved example of medieval fortifications with its deep moat, and a 16th-century elegance pageantry.

Visit the Castle of Losse in the Dordogne

The castle of Losse is nestled in an exceptional setting on the edge of Vézère. His visit will allow you to admire rich period furniture, architectural ornaments of great finesse, and a large number of tapestries and paintings. In the terraced gardens, time seems to stand still: you will enjoy a rejuvenating family walk between the walled gardens, the flowery walkways of roses, the shade of the arbours and the breathtaking views of the Vézère. A visit not to be missed, less than 25 km from the campsite Le Temps de vivre!

Le Château de Losse

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    Le château de Losse

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