The village of Le Bournat

Visit the village of Le Bournat in Dordogne

Located in Le Bugue in the middle of nature, one of the most beautiful villages in France in Dordogne Perigord, next to the aquarium of the Black Perigord, the Parc du Bournat reconstructs a 1900 village in every detail.

Ideal for a day of relaxation with the family, the park has many original attractions: old swings, "rickshaw" rides with chains, an authentic caterpillar, mechanical horses, many wooden games and a typical Ferris wheel from 1900. All the rides are in working order. In season, the park also opens at night on Wednesdays with concerts and shows in a guinguette spirit.

You can also enjoy a walk in the Stanley park located in the Dordogne valley between the prehistoric sites of the Dordogne department and beautiful villages like Beynac and Cazenac in the South-West.

Immersion in the life of a Perigord village

Ecomuseum, Le Bournat faithfully reconstructs a Perigord village of the 1900s. You will discover the key places of daily life faithfully reproduced: the school, the shops, the mill, the craft workshops.
The old trades are demonstrated throughout the day. You will also come across many animals during a boat ride in the marsh, a pony ride or a visit to the 2500 m2 farm.
A unique experience to live with your family less than 40 km from the 3-star campsite in Dordogne Le Temps de vivre!

Le Bournat plunges you into the daily life of a Perigord village in 1900.
Open from March 29th to September 30th.

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